Ballantine’s Cafeteria Building – 1959 (Demolished)

The former Ballantine’s Cafeteria Building located in the modernist enclave of Cameron Village will be demolished this year to make way for “The Residences at Cameron Village.” This one hits close to home, it’s in my neighborhood.

There’s no hope of saving this building, the project was recently unanimously approved by Raleigh City Council.

What makes this demolition especially painful is that this is the only remaining contiguous city block built in the modernist style in Raleigh. Even recently constructed buildings were built in the same style. This will all change in the summer of 2011 when a 1920s revivalist condo replaces this and 3 other modernist buildings on the corner of Oberlin Road and Clark Avenue.

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  1. Bill Barnes

    Although I had eaten there infrequently, I remember this building well. It’s a prime example of the type of architecture pioneered by F.L. Wright. It’s a shame short-sighted developers are so eager to tear it down. This would make a wonderful modern art museum space or cultural center.

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